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Situated at Musikot, Wamitaksar, Gulmi, Mahendra Adarsha Namuna higher Secondary School is one of the best School  in Gulmi, Nepal. Established with broad vision, the school aims to provide quality education to the youth from all sections of the society at an affordable cost and to make them responsible citizens capable of serving the nation. Since its inception, Mahendra Adarsha Namuna has been offering a range of academic programs and boundless opportunities to the students. Mahendra Adarsha Namuna has taken a colossal dimension extending its wings from Nursery to Plus 2 level, and accommodating approximately fifteen hundred students in the areas of all Faculties.

The School provides an open, caring and multi-cultural learning environment built on the core values of integrity, responsibility and dignity. The college has an unwavering commitment to develop it into a Mahendra Adarsha Namuna center for excellence.

Santosh Kumar Shakya


School Management Committee

Mobile: 9857064702

Deviram Sharma

Head Teacher

Mobile: 9857089229

Dhanapati Kharel

Vice Head Teacher

Mobile: 9857064750

Anantalal Bhandari

Vice Head Teacher

Information Officer

Mobile: 9857064924

Email: ananta12366@gmail.com